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Här kan du diskutera och läsa om expeditioner och långresor med Land Rover tema runt om i Europa och vida världen


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The tour is 100 days. We leave Amsterdam at 14 november 2014 and we arrived in Cape Town at 21 februar 2015. ( Nairobi is about half way, we arrive in Nairobi 28 December and leave Nairobi 3 January 2015).
The schedule is set up so that there is ample time for rest days and
to sightseeing. For example in Northern Kenya is one week
scheduled rest. Anyone who wants can go to Serengeti ( wildlife park) or to do
the Mount Kenya - climb . Or you stay at the camp and have some rest. In the schedule we also have 7 spare days at the end. Maybe we need this days during the tour or at the end.

An estimate of the cost : 50 euros per day (including diesel / visa / Food
etc.), so about 100 days €5000,-.

The car shipping back from Cape Town will cost around € 3000 , - and takes about 20 days . Self fly back from Cape Town to Amsterdam will cost approximately € 900 pp boat from Europe to Africa costs about 1200 euro .

The carnet is a deposit you pay to the ADAC . When your car is
back again in the Netherlands, then you get the deposit back . The carnet itself costs about € 220 , - The amount of the deposit depends on the day value of your car .

Car insurance 3 months approx € 450 , -
Health/travel Insurance approx . € 150 , -

Vaccinations and malaria pills about € 400 , -

You pay to African rovers € 3500 , - per car . Who or how many people
sit in your car does not matter. .

You can think of extra to your car from everything . But basically is a
standard 4x4 (for example Land Rover ) good . We ' camp ' , so you need to have a
camping equipment ( chairs / cooker etc. ) a a nd (roof ) tent
etc. A new rooftop tent costs about € 1500 , - . Navigation is very convenient , And you can still come up with anything . (extra spare tire , 20 liter reserve
diesel, bull bar , extra lights ) .

Other costs :

Visa - total: approx 600 euros.

- Overnight p.p : an average of 10 euros ,

- Food catering : 10 euros per person (total of 2000 euros per person for the trip )

- Diesel costs an average of 1:10 euros liters.

The boundaries are always an adventure in itself . The principle is : ‘we’ have
the money and "they" have time . Or it is being conceived of anything which
we have to pay so that we can by 'fast' again . Basicly
I never did. That does mean longer ' wait / talk time . Sometimes I take a
' fixer ' in the arm . A boy who helps to arrange with anything. that costs
than a few dollars . The real marginal cost vis variabel by country .
(think of : visas , road tax , carbon tax, extra insurance etc. Think of the amount of
average per limit of approximately € 100 , - . ( a total of 11 boundaries ) .
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